About Us

The Emory Chemical Biology Discovery Center (ECBDC) was created in 2003 to enhance Emory’s capabilities in small molecule drug discovery and development. It subsequently became a node of the NIH Molecular Libraries Screening Centers Network (MLSCN) and now, a member of the National Cancer Institute's Chemical Biology Consortium (NCI CBC). Through operations with both the national NIH MLSCN/NCI CBC and Emory projects, the center has built a powerful infrastructure for high-throughput small molecule screening and subsequent hit optimization via medicinal chemistry. The ECBDC offers state-of-the-art high throughput screening (HTS) and imaging-based high content screening (HCS) capabilities with multiple integrated robotic systems and has access to a collection of small molecule compound libraries and a siRNA library. These capabilities are complemented by our expertise in assay development, HTS, HCS, screeninformatics and cheminformatics, and in medicinal chemistry.  The ECBDC provides a general platform for high-throughput biology in the post-genomics age which functions as a training ground for the next generation of chemical biologists and drug discovery scientists.

The ECBDC offers state-of-the-art enabling technologies

  • to bridge the gap between conventional approaches and high density biology
  • to harness the power of chemistry to advance our understanding of biology and disease
  • to accelerate drug discovery and translational medicine
  • to facilitate intra- and inter-institutional collaborations and academia-industry partnership

ECBDC in national consortiums and networks

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